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Karel IV. – Státnické dílo

Karel IV. – Státnické dílo

[Charles IV: His Work as Statesman]

subjects: history – medieval

hardcover, 319 pp., 1. edition
translation: Mašek, Richard
published: december 2003
ISBN: 80-246-0771-9
recommended price: 275 czk



This book comprises Czech translations of chosen legal documents issued by the Bohemian king Charles IV. The chosen documents emphasize the roots of the Czech state, being created in the first decade of Charles IV’s reign over Bohemia and the Roman Empire. The reader is mostly introduced to the most famous legal codes from the very beginning of the imperial reign of Charles IV, i.e., Maiestas Carolina and the Golden Bull of Sicily. Translations are accompanied by an introductory paper by the editor, Marie Bláhová, regarding life and political work of Charles IV, and the contents and importance of the published documents.