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Pražská verze Stroopova testu

Pražská verze Stroopova testu

[The Prague Version of the Stroop Test]

Bezdíček, Ondřej a kol.

subjects: psychology
series: Psychodiagnostika

paperback, 52 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-4778-4
recommended price: 850 czk



The Prague Stroop test (PST) is an abbreviated version of the Stroop test used to assess the cognitive control and inhibition of stimuli as part of an evaluation of cognitive abilities. The Stroop test is one of the most widely used tools in clinical practice in the evaluation of attentional and executive functions. Featuring multiple stimulus sheets and normative data collected from the population of Czech elderly persons, the objective of the present handbook is to make the Stroop test available in the Czech language to the community of specialists in the field of clinical psychology and neuropsychology.

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