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Klapzubova jedenáctka

Klapzubova jedenáctka

Bass, Eduard

subjects: fiction
series: Modern Czech Classics

hardcover, 192 pp., 2. edition
published: june 2016
ISBN: 978-80-246-3358-9
recommended price: 250 czk



This already classic story by Eduard Bass from 1922 tells the story of father Klapzuba, who has raised his eleven sons as phenomenal soccer team. This essential work of Czech humorous fiction can be read as a celebration of fair play, perseverance and sport enthusiasm as well as a story, slightly ironical of the Czech intoxication with soccer of that time and driving at events in the post-war society. It is not an accident that the book gained such enormous popularity among both young and adult readers and was published more than 30 times. This new publication, in a new graphic layout by Zdeněk Ziegler, is accompanied with attractive illustrations by Jiří Grus.

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