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Čítanka mluvené češtiny

Čítanka mluvené češtiny

[A reader of spoken Czech]

Adamovičová, AnaČermák, František

subjects: linguistics

paperback, 300 pp., 1. edition
published: january 2009
ISBN: 978-80-246-1593-6
recommended price: 325 czk



A Reader of Spoken Czech presents a selection of transcribed recordings from the Prague Spoken Corpus (in Czech abbreviated as PMK), which still remains the only representative source of contemporary spoken Czech. It represents valuable material both for Czech and foreign users as it captures authentic and prototypical contemporary spoken Czech. The representative nature of the spoken Czech sample, presented in this handbook, is due to the balanced selection of respondents’ utterances on various topics based on categories used in the development of the original PMK. Therefore, it includes monologic (formal, based on common questions) as well as dialogic (informal) texts, which almost equally reflect the socio-linguistic parameters for the choice of speakers (gender, age, education). A Reader of Spoken Czech offers infinite possibilities for use in the instruction of Czech as a foreign language, thus filling the gap among the publications capturing contemporary form of spoken Czech and inspiring to a deeper study of its lexicon, morphology and syntax.