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Mluvnice současné španělštiny (Lingvisticky interpretační přístup)

Mluvnice současné španělštiny (Lingvisticky interpretační přístup)

[Grammar of Contemporary Spanish (A Linguistic Interpretation)]

Zavadil, BohumilČermák, Petr

subjects: linguistics, language textbooks

paperback, 572 pp., 2. edition
published: september 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-5006-7
recommended price: 450 czk



The book is the result of years of work by Prague hispanicists and contains a structurally functional view of phonetics, morphology of word classes and their grammatical categories, syntax of utterances, sentences and clauses. The authors attempt to go beyond prescriptive manuals and present the hispanicist public with both interpretive and problematizing grammar, which should primarily provide university students with theoretical insight into the construction and functioning of a linguistic system, and equip them with the necessary conceptual and terminological apparatus, giving them the opportunity to attain a deeper understanding of the language through its analysis.