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Brněnská škola právní teorie

Brněnská škola právní teorie

[Brno School of Legal Theory]

Kosek, Jan

subjects: law – legal history

paperback, 441 pp., 1. edition
translation: Hlavoň, Karel
published: november 2003
ISBN: 80-246-0689-5
recommended price: 385 czk



Translated from German by Karel Hlavoň
This publication deals with the Brno school of normative legal theory. The book contains mostly papers by the guru of the Brno normativism František Weyr, but also treatises by Karel Engliš, Jaroslav Kallab, Vladimír Kubeš, Zdeněk Neubauer, Ota Weinberger and others. Thus the volume summarizes the ideas of eminent theorists of law who fundamentally influenced Czech legal science of the 20th century.