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Vzdělávací politika České republiky v globálním kontextu

Vzdělávací politika České republiky v globálním kontextu

Veselý, ArnoštKalous, Jaroslav

subjects: education – school systems

paperback, 182 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2007
ISBN: 80-246-1261-5
recommended price: 180 czk


The book contains an analysis of Czech education policy presented from various viewpoints. The introduction presents its historical development. Further chapters describe and analyze problems of all levels of the Czech education system, compare both its structure and its educational results in the international context. Part of the book, dealing with the global context, explains the essence of European educational space, the role of international organizations in education and the character of the most important educational reforms taking place in the world. The publication is part of a trilogy, whose parts are also "Theory and Tools of Education Policy" and "Selected Problems of Education Policy".