Vývojová psychologie. Dětství a dospívání

Vývojová psychologie. Dětství a dospívání

[Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence]

Vágnerová, Marie

subjects: psychology

e-book, 1. edition
published: january 2015
ISBN: 978-80-246-2846-2
e-book formats PDF
recommended price: 190 czk



This expanded and revised edition of a popular book covers psychological development in childhood and adolescence. Development is analysed from different viewpoints: focusing on human personality, according to individual psychic functions, but also with respect to its status in the most important social structures. The book explains which reactions are standard for particular periods in human life and provides information on the psychological needs of children whose fulfilment or failure to fulfil affects the children's experiences and behaviour. Knowledge of developmental psychology thus allows the reader to understand their own experiences from their childhood and adolescence and thus understand themselves. The publication is intended for students of psychology and related disciplines as well as all who are interested in child psychology.