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Poradenská psychologická diagnostika dětí a dospívajících

Poradenská psychologická diagnostika dětí a dospívajících

[Consulting Psychological Diagnostics of Children and Youth]

Vágnerová, MarieKlégrová, Jarmila

subjects: psychology

hardcover, 540 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2008
ISBN: 978-80-246-1538-7
recommended price: 295 czk



This publication, the most complex to this date, focuses on psychological diagnostics of school children. The authors first analyze cognitive functions among the standard segment of the children's population, and in the case of diagnostics among mentally handicapped children; among talented children and among children from a specific socio-cultural environment. The chapter on school maturity covers the ability to fulfil tasks and to adapt socially, again closely linked to practical school consultancy and to the role of the school psychologist and with respect to children with some disorders (reading, writing, arithmetic). Other chapters focus on the emotional characteristics and manifestations of the child's behaviour, school success, motivation and social position in the class. The book offers rich material for everyday use for school and consultancy psychologists as well as original suggestions for the further development of psychodiagnostics.