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Československo a pobaltské státy 1918–1939

Československo a pobaltské státy 1918–1939

Vývoj politických a hospodářských vztahů Československa s Litvou, Lotyšskem a Estonskem v meziválečném období.

Švec, Luboš

subjects: political science and international relations

paperback, 356 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2001
ISBN: 80-246-0165-6
recommended price: 240 czk



An original historical work about the relations between the Czechoslovak republic and the Baltic states in the years 1918-1939. A leading Czech expert on Baltic history concentrates above all on the explanation of mutual political and economic relations. He also focuses on other joined interests and a major part of the work includes an analysis of the international situation of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia within the frame of Eastern Europe, where in the years 1918-1939 namely Germany, Poland and Soviet Union were competing.