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Historik v měnícím se světě

Historik v měnícím se světě

Pousta, Zdeněk (ed.)Polišenský, Josef

subjects: biographies and memoirs

paperback, 352 pp., 1. edition
published: july 2001
ISBN: 80-246-0317-9
recommended price: 205 czk



Memoires by an important historian of the Czech and world history Prof. Josef Polišenský (1915–2001). The author describes his personal and professional stories and events during the changes of the 20th century. Josef Polišenský depicts organization and phases of the studium in the thirties, his activities at the universities in Prague and Olomouc, as well as his enormously impressive scientific activity in the second half of his century. The book can be described as an fascinating look back at the life of an Czech intellectual, who tried always to be "a solide historian, socialist, good Czech as well as internationalist".