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Identifikace sportovních talentů

Identifikace sportovních talentů

[Identification of Athletic Talents]

Perič, TomášSuchý, Jiří

paperback, 248 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1881-4
recommended price: 275 czk



Competition in various fields of human activities has become an inseparable part of our times. Throughout the history of mankind we can trace a demand for personalities who demonstrate very good or extraordinary results in particular fields of human activities. These people are traditionally labelled as "talented." This is the reason why this collective monograph focuses on the question of identification of athletic talents.
The contributions focus primarily on aspects of the development and systematic support of athletic talents without specifying the particular sports, the question of inclusion and exclusion of athletes in the system of state support for sports preparation in the Czech Republic and on diagnostic methods of the talent selection in everyday sports practice with subsequent application of these data into the theory of sports training. Some chapters also contain recommendations for everyday athletics practice.
The scholars analyze the selection of talented athletes from three points of view. The opening part provides a theoretical interpretation of the identification and development of athletic talents, while the second chapter analyzes methodological and organizational aspects of this choice in selected sports disciplines. The final part of this monograph presents theoretical questions of the selection of athletic talents on practical examples of selected individual or team disciplines.
As many scholars have focused on the identification of athletic talents, the monograph's opening section contains a brief history of the development in this field. The closing part of the monograph presents an alphabetical overview of selected relevant publications.