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Dión Chrýsostomos o výtvarném umění, náboženství a filozofii

Dión Chrýsostomos o výtvarném umění, náboženství a filozofii

Řeč olympijská

[Dion Chrysostomos on Visual Arts, Religion and Philosophy]

Pavlík, Jiří

subjects: philosophy

paperback, 116 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0758-1
recommended price: 125 czk



This book introduces to the life and work of Dion Chrysostomos (Golden-Mouthed). He was one of the representatives of the so-called "second sophistry", a movement of hack rhetoricians, teachers and wandering philosophers who tried, in the cultural-political environment of the Roman Empire, to revive formal methods of the attic rhetoric of the classical age. The text is a comprehensive and enriched translation of the original source. It analyzes a Dion's speech on the grounds of classical theories of the rhetorical "techné", focusing on its "dispositio" structure and the "inventio" argumentation, deliberately omitting the stylistic aspects. What is not omitted, however, is an erudite interpretation from the generally cultural, philosophical, and theological perspectives.