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Přírodní látky a jejich biologická aktivita sv. 1.

Přírodní látky a jejich biologická aktivita sv. 1.

Nutraceutika. Primární metabolity a látky obsažené ve strukturovaných biologických systémech

[Natural Substances and Their Biological Activity, Vol. 1. Nutraceuticals. Primary Metabolites and Substances in Structured Biological Systems]

Opletal, Lubomír

subjects: science – chemistry, science – biology, medicine – pharmacology

paperback, 380 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1884-5
recommended price: 440 czk



Nutraceuticals are a group of commercial food products used in Western Europe, U.S.A. and Japan, which have been known for a relatively long time. However they are neither medicaments nor foodstuffs, but are rather foodstuffs with positive effects on human physiology, which often act as prevention against some diseases. The presented monograph brings essential information in the field of foodstuffs for special diet, an area not very well known to Czech pharmacists, and aims to quickly and expeditiously provide basic facts concerning nutraceuticals to pharmacists. The book is divided into two parts: first comprises of the introduction into the theme, including an overview of the legislative aspects and basic classification of nutraceuticals, while the second part focuses on detailed taxonomy.