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Lék a jeho vývoj v dějinách

Lék a jeho vývoj v dějinách

[Pharmaceuticals and Their Historical Development]

Opletal, LubomírOpletalová, Veronika

subjects: medicine – pharmacology

paperback, 128 pp., 1. edition
published: june 1999
ISBN: 80-7184-7720
recommended price: 120 czk



The authors of this study provide an overview of the historical development of pharmaceuticals and pharmacology as such. They explain the basic terms, provide some information about pharmaceutical research and development and consider the current pricing policy in the pharmaceutical industry. They also mention non-human pharmaceuticals (for veterinary purposes) and the so-called nutraceuticals ? i.e. food complements with specific effects on the organism. A separate section is devoted to pharmaceutical distribution and the pharmaceutical regulations valid in the Czech Republic.