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Vzpomínky a záznamy

Vzpomínky a záznamy

[[Memories and Memoranda]]

Mařatka, ZdeněkWittlich, Petr

subjects: art

hardcover, 268 pp., 2. edition
published: september 2003
ISBN: 80-246-0518-X
recommended price: 315 czk



The main protagonist of the book of memories of the Czech sculptor Josef Mařatka (1876-1937) is the famous Auguste Rodin, in whose workshop Mařatka spent about four years at the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore a great attention is given also to the legendary Rodin?s exhibition in Prague in 1902. To this period the recollections of the French sculptor E. A. Bourdelle and aeronaut Santos-Dumont on whose memorial Mařatka worked in France. In the second part of the book Mařatka remembers his Czech friends and the life of the Prague art scene, focusing in particular on the painter Antonín Slavíček and his own meetings with T. G. Masaryk, the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic. The book contains numerous other memories, commentaries, reflections on art, Mařatka?s biography and illustrations.