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Instituce a odpovědnost

Instituce a odpovědnost

K filozofii ekonomické vědy

[Institutions and Responsibility]

Klusoň, Václav

subjects: economics and finance

paperback, 320 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0722-0
recommended price: 285 czk



A book of original social-economic views of Václav Klusoň. In nine chapters the author gradually analyses the concept of responsibility, its economic importance, and the impact on the development of a society. Rules restricting the influence of political power and proprietors are formulated, as well as rules leading to an increase in social responsibility of proprietors, entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, and citizens themselves. According to the author, institutional restriction of proprietors and political power, and the growth of social responsibility might lead toward a free social system, which would be socially, economically and politically stable.


The reviewed book presents a detailed analysis of problems that are of cardinal importance for successful development of the contemporary advanced democratic society and market economy. It offers a necessary catharsis and some aspects to solve crucial problems of our economy and politics. It is such an essential approach to the role of institutions, morals and responsibility in economic and social life that it should not escape the attention of economists and specialists in other social sciences, politicians and students. It can also be recommended to the public at large.
Milan Sojka (Prague Economic Papers 1/2005)