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Japonská slovesa v příkladech

Japonská slovesa v příkladech

[Japanese Verbs in Examples]

Kanasugi, PetraSachiko, KuriharaLabus, DavidMamoru, Morita

subjects: linguistics, language textbooks, Asian studies

paperback, 648 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2015
ISBN: 978-80-246-2871-4
recommended price: 460 czk



The publication
• includes over 900 of the most commonly used simple verbs and over 800 compound verbs;
• the selection of verbs is based on the requirements for the Japanese Proficiency Test – Level 1;
• clear and practical examples show the valency of verbs – the basic building blocks of sentences in Japanese;
• for each simple verb, it presents information on its transitivity and inflection, which aids in understanding the correct usage of the verb;
• clearly divides the meaning of the verbs semantically;
• uses of color and font sizes to increase clarity and simplify orientation in the text;
• includes information on set phrases and points out courtesy verbs;
• is a valuable reference for both beginning and advanced students;
• is an essential aid for both the passive and active study of the Japanese language.