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Hospodářský vzestup českých zemí od poloviny 18. století do konce monarchie

Hospodářský vzestup českých zemí od poloviny 18. století do konce monarchie

[The Economic Rise of the Czech Lands from the 1750s to the End of the Monarchy]

Jindra, ZdeněkJakubec, Ivan a kol.

subjects: history, history – 19th century

paperback, 526 pp., 1. edition
published: july 2015
ISBN: 978-80-246-2945-2
recommended price: 430 czk



This monographic textbook is based on the second volume of The History of the Economy of the Czech Lands from the Beginning of the Industrial Period through the Present, which was published almost a decade ago. This new textbook shifts its focus to the mid-18th century, showing the intersection of the economic, social, political, legal and cultural changes with the conditions and developments of this key period – industrialization. At the same time, it takes a didactic approach suitable for use in the setting of university education. The textbook discusses the economic, institutional, legal and social foundations of development, various sectors of the economy and the economic aspects of the First World War. The team of authors consists of leading experts on the development of economic history of the Czech Lands in the 18th and 19th centuries. The aim of the book is not to provide a "uniform" explanation, but rather to present the different approaches in interpretation by individual authors, based on their own chosen areas of expertise. This, however, does not affect the overall complexity of the work and or undermine its integrity.