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Průběh pitvy (překlad - latina, čeština)

Průběh pitvy (překlad - latina, čeština)

[Course of postmortem examination (Latin and Czech translation)]

Adamusko, JanAdamusová, JitkaNovotná, Květa

subjects: medicine – pathology

hardcover, 648 pp., 1. edition
translation: Kalivoda, Jan
published: december 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0922-3
recommended price: 685 czk



Reprint of the original description of the famous public postmortem examination carried out by professor Jessenius in front of an audience of more than one thousand people in Prague, Rečka College in 1600. As is typical for rennaissance and humanistic literature the text combines pedagogical writing with literary and aesthetical qualities. The text is enriched by fables, legends and quotations from the bible and from classical texts as well as by the author's personal stories. The Latin original is published together with the Czech translation and the book is accompanied by a scholarly analysis of the life and work of Jan Jessenius, rector of Charles University Prague.