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Masáž a regenerace ve sportu

Masáž a regenerace ve sportu

[Massage and regeneration in sports]

Hošková, BlankaMajorová, SimonaNováková, Pavlína

subjects: sports and physical education – training, medicine – anatomy

paperback, 130 pp., 3. edition
published: november 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4643-5
recommended price: 150 czk



This textbook, Massage and Regeneration in Sport, is intended for students of sports schools and other people interested in sports, and is also a well suited illustrative aid for the general public. It includes a comprehensive approach to massage and regeneration, enumerates the individual types of sports massage, takes into account contraindications occurring during the massage and includes the masseur’s compensation strain. The massage techniques are illustrated by photographs and drawings.