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Ilustrovat klasiku

Ilustrovat klasiku

[Illustrating Classics]

Grus, Jiří

subjects: art, fiction

paperback, 64 pp., 1. edition
published: may 2018
ISBN: 978-80-246-3967-3
recommended price: 60 czk



A catalog accompanying the exhibition of Jiří Grus’s original illustrations, which this recognized comic book illustrator created over the past ten years for the Modern Czech Classics series published by Karolinum Press. Exhibition curators, Stanislava Fedrová a Pavel Kořínek (Institute for Czech Literature, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), comment on selected illustrations for The Chattertooth Eleven, The Cremator and many others, adding examples by this talented and versatile artist from other areas: a comic book (Shaded by the Sumava Forest) and classical painting. The curators’ interview with Jiří Grus reveals how the artist thinks about the relationship between text and image (illustration) as well as how his experience as a reader is reflected in his work.