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Perspektiva vzkříšení

Perspektiva vzkříšení

Trinitární christologie

[The Perspective of Resurrection. Trinitarian Christology]

Gallus, Petr

subjects: religion
series: Theology Series

paperback, 486 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5154-5
recommended price: 490 czk



The Easter confession that Jesus has been resurrected is a foundation for Christian faith as well as for Christian theology. This is why this book opens with this fundamental perspective on Christianity, employing insights of internal realism and semiotics and taking into consideration our post-modern times with their irreducible plurality. On this basis it strives to build a contemporary conception of the most central theological topic, that of Christology. It attempts to answer the question of who Jesus Christ was and is, and that of his importance for the reality. It views Christology as ontological. Gallus thus critically addresses the traditional Chalcedonian Christology as well as the Christological concepts of the last decades and presents his own original solution. His concept is based on his conviction that a consistent Christology is only possible on the background of the consistent Trinitarian thinking and a dynamic conception of God and man. He presents the model of God’s accommodation, which is the basis for the conception of incarnation and the death of Jesus as the death of God, and relates the consequences of this model to anthropology, soteriology, eschatology and interreligious dialogue.

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