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Základy psycholingvistiky

Základy psycholingvistiky

[Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics]

Fernandez, E.M.Cairns, H.S.

subjects: linguistics, psychology
series: Linguistics

paperback, 300 pp., 1. edition
translation: Chromý, Jan
published: april 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2435-8
recommended price: 315 czk



Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics presents the key questions in psycholinguistic research. In an engaging, yet easily understandable format, it examines children’s language acquisition as well as methods of language acquisition used by adults. It focuses on speech production and processing, and last but not least on the complicated questions concerning the biological foundation of languages. The information presented in the book is based on the latest research findings and complemented by numerous examples from various languages. This book is suitable for use both as an introduction to the topic, but also as a clear summary of the current state of knowledge for those who are already familiar with psycholinguistics. Each chapter is accompanied by a list of basic terms and also poses some questions for consideration expanding the reader's thinking on the individual topics. The book also contains an English-Czech and Czech-English dictionary of terminology which aims to aid Czech speakers with technical literature written in English.

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