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Introduction to Legal English (2020) Volume I

Introduction to Legal English (2020) Volume I

Chromá, Marta

subjects: language textbooks, law

paperback, 360 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4723-4
recommended price: 360 czk



This two-volume textbook of legal English has for 25 years primarily served students of the Law Faculty, Charles University as an introduction into the Anglo-American system of law and the language used in different Anglo-American jurisdictions. It also presents the problematics of the translation of legal texts and the English as the language of communication between different legal systems.
After a thorough analysis of the existing format and content in the context of the newly accredited study program Law and Legal Science, we made formal as well as substantive adjustments that would better reflect the requirements of the new program and the corresponding needs of students. Lexical and grammatical exercises solution keys are published in a pdf format as a supplement to the printed textbook.
The ten lessons of the first volume comprise chapters on the Anglo-Saxon legal system, constitutional system of most English-speaking countries, the division of law into private, public and international, the basics of real rights, the contract law, etc. It also includes useful appendices, including Writing your CV and an overview of English Law Dictionaries.
This book is intended for students of law faculties and translation studies, but also for practicing lawyers, judges and public prosecutors.

Topics in Volume I
1. Law and legal education and division of law; 2. Common law and equity; 3. Legislation; 4. Constitution, politics and electoral process; 5. Public international law; 6. Family law; 7. Property law; 8. Intellectual property; 9. Introduction to contracts (including basics of discharge); 10. Employment law; Appendix I – Writing your CV; Appendix II – Law Dictionaries

Topics in Volume II
11. EU Institutions, the judiciary and legislation; 12. Council of Europe; 13. Criminal law – general part; 14. Criminal law – special part; 15. Criminal procedure; 16. Law of torts – general part; 17. Law of torts – special part; 18. Company law – forms of business organisation; 19. Company law – basics of dissolution, insolvency; 20. Civil procedure; Appendix III – Writing a Summary; Appendix IV – Quoting Skills and References