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Kdo vládne světu?

Kdo vládne světu?

[Who Rules the World?]

Chomsky, Noam

subjects: political science and international relations
series: Politeia

paperback, 334 pp., 1. edition
translation: Pelikán, Čestmír - Fiala, Jaroslav
published: may 2019
ISBN: 978-80-246-3626-9
recommended price: 380 czk



This most recent book by Noam Chomsky, well-known intellectual, philosopher and activist, presents a thorough analysis of the current international situation. The scholar examines the way that the United States, despite the rise of Europe and Asia, still largely sets the terms of global discourse.
The world's political and financial elites have become ever more insulated from democratic constraints on their actions. Chomsky shines a powerful light on this inconvenient truth. With climate change and nuclear proliferation threatening the survival of our civilization, the message has never been more pertinent or more urgent: the need for an engaged and active public to steer the world away from disaster grows ever greater.

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