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Evropské dějiny Evropy. (soubor)

Evropské dějiny Evropy. (soubor)

Carbonell, Charles - Olivier

subjects: history

paperback, 586 pp., 1. edition
translation: Lhotová, Alena - Hrubanová, Věra
published: february 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0411-6
recommended price: 535 czk



This exceptionally easy-to-read publication presents an interpretation, still quite unusual in the Czech context, of the European history as a history of commonly shared values and attitudes. Instead of focusing on events, the reader is thus presented the history of people who for over 2000 years have shared the same fate and experienced the same situations and events which shaped their common past. The first part, entitled "The Myths and Foundations", starts by looking for the archetypes in the mythology and history of three historical sources of European civilization: Greek, Roman and Jewish, and ends with the 15th century. The second part, called "From the Renaissance to the Renaissance", starts with the period of humanism, Renaissance and religious wars and ends with the rebirth of Europe after 1989. The authors of this publication in two parts are primarily French historians from Paul Valéry University in Monpellier. The structure, content and style of work reveal the influence of the Annales School.

A translation from the French original by Alena Lhotová and Věra Hrubanová.