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Přehled patologie

Přehled patologie

[An Overview of Pathology]

Bártová, Jarmila

subjects: medicine – pathology

hardcover, 2. edition
published: july 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-4775-3
recommended price: 280 czk



This textbook, An Overview of Pathology, is primarily intended for bachelor and master's level programs of various specializations at medical schools.
Its goal is to acquaint students first with the basic concepts of general pathology and with the most important nosological units in a special section. It strives to present a comprehensive picture of the disease and its manifestations. Given the fact that according to current curricula students do not have exposure to histology, the exposition is limited to macroscopic level. At this level, the textbook could also serve as a review manual covering the basic concepts for other programs of study at medical schools.
The text is complemented with black-and-white diagrams and clearly-arranged tabular data. The book is also accompanied by a colour appendix containing macro photographs of approximately seventy of the more common pathological findings.