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Fyziologické aspekty výkonu ve sportovním lezení

Fyziologické aspekty výkonu ve sportovním lezení

[Physiological aspects of performance in sport climbing]

Baláš, Jiří

subjects: sports and physical education – training

paperback, 280 pp., 2. edition
published: may 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5220-7
recommended price: 360 czk



Sport climbing has undergone rapid development over the past three decades: an activity pursued by several enthusiasts was transformed into a sport that has become part of the Olympics as well as of school curricula and therapeutic programs. More and more people are choosing climbing as a hobby.
This book does not aspire to present a comprehensive training manual or offer a therapeutic program providing an overview of contemporary research on performance in sport climbing. The book strives to offer a synthesis of contemporary knowledge concerning the structure of climbers’ performance, the assessment of somatic and functional prerequisites for sport climbers and the body’s physiological response to the strain resulting from climbing. The target audience includes students of sport and physical education at universities, coaches, instructors, physiotherapists, professionals and involved in physical education and sport and anyone interested in sport climbing.