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Vybrané kapitoly ze sociálního zabezpečení 1. díl

Vybrané kapitoly ze sociálního zabezpečení 1. díl

[Selected chapters on the social security system, Volume 1]

Arnoldová, Anna

subjects: social work

paperback, 614 pp., 3. edition
published: june 2007
ISBN: 978-80-246-1393-2
recommended price: 460 czk


Updated third edition of the publication on the social security system in the Czech Republic. This first, general volume on the social security system presents its subsystems and explains it in basic terms and strategies. Contents of Volume 1: social state and social policy, international agreements in the social area, social policy in the Czech Republic, social security structure and management, the medical review and assessment service, basic activities of the social state, such as minimum income, pension and sickness insurance, injuries and occupational diseases, healthcare, unemployment social security scheme, state social support, children in the social security system and social security in the EU. The information and legal regulations used in the book were valid at the time of publication in April 2007.