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Vybrané problémy vzdělávací politiky

Vybrané problémy vzdělávací politiky

Veselý, ArnoštKalous, Jaroslav

subjects: education – school systems

paperback, 160 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2007
ISBN: 80-246-1262-3
recommended price: 160 czk


This book presents the world trends in the development of general, technical, multicultural and specialized education. The concept of human, social or cultural capital forms an all the more important framework of analyses of education policies. Lifelong learning has become a new educational paradigm in our era. The closing part of the book contains chapters focusing on strategic management at the level of an entire education system, universities and individual schools. It presents an analysis of the education outcome from both economic and quality point. The publication is part of a trilogy, whose parts are also "Theory and Tools of Education Policy" and "The Czech Republic Education Policy in the Global Context".